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must control key aspects of american life. healthcare and the economy being the top two. thus, the end justifies the means in trying to do that. thus, mr. obama keeps saying you can keep your old insurance plan if you like it. even though you can't. ifyour plan doesn't include the federal mandates that are being imposed. now, talking points and many others have pointed that out again and again. we pointed out that obama care will cause many americans, perhaps most, major inconvenience and higher healthcare expense. rarely does the president mention higher deductibles and co-pays for his health program. even though mr. obama's propaganda has been exposed, he doesn't seem to care. instead of being chastened he is emboldened, why? because the president believes that his vision for america, including healthcare for all, is more noble than any truthful statement. and so he justifies his actions, even if deceit is involved. that was clear yesterday when the president said. this. toted the affordable care act requires insurance companies to abide by some the strongest consumer protections thi
her to release documents related to the healthcare.gov website. we're pretty sure the secretary's reaction went something like this. >> you clearly -- whatever. >> right, whatever. and the same could be said of senator ted cruz, the would-be grim reaper of the affordable care act. keeping himself busy denying the crass political calculation behind his entire reckless shutdown fiasco. >> people were saying you did it for political reasons because you want to run for president, but do you? >> look, my focus is on 2016 -- jobs and economic growth. >> saying that you did everything because you want to run for president. >> you know -- >> that's not a conversation you want to have yet, or -- >> there is a classic political strategy that if you can't defend the substance, you try to change the topic. >> do you want to run for president? >> my focus is on the u.s. senate. >> yes. of course, it is. pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. let's get right to our panel. here in new york, is msnbc contributor joy reid. managing editor of the grio.com. in washington, msnbc political
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accurate, all right. that it is, once it gets all sorted out, going to be a panacea on the healthcare front. and you say? >> well, i was shocked, frankly, that the president, after we heard dozens of letters on the hill today, the congressionals were asking sebelius questions, we heard all these letters from constituents about how their rates are skyrocketing and, yet, the president is sticking with the line that their rates are going to be lower. their premiums are going to be lower. he is digging. in and on the question about whether you are going to lose your insurance. i thought he dug. in he almost the president went out there and said you can keep your insurance policy even though in 2010 the regulations made it clear that 40 to 62% of people with -- who were self-insured were going it lose. >> did he read that? i doubt it. >> the president understands the plan and he knows that in order for enough people to go into the obama care exchanges, they are going to have to lose their current insurance. he had to have understood that's the only way it's sustainable. i have to say i think it
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are promoted every day. healthcare starting under $40 a month. i got education benefits. i work at walmart. i'm a pharmacist. sales associate. i manage produce. i work in logistics. there's more to walmart than you think. vo: opportunity. that's the real walmart. ♪ hey lady! noooo! no! [ tires screech ] ♪ nooo! nooo! nooo! hey lady, that's diesel! i know. ♪ ♪ they always have. they always will. that's why you take charge of your future. your retirement. ♪ ameriprise advisors can help you like they've helped millions of others. listening, planning, working one on one. to help you retire your way... with confidence. that's what ameriprise financial does. that's what they can do with you. ameriprise financial. more within reach. >> okay. time now to take a look at the morning papers, from our parade of papers the washington post, the u.s. government is reporting the loss of $9.7 billion on the $50 bailout of general motors. since 2009, the u.s. treasury has reduced its equity in gm from about 60% to about 7%. the government plans to sell its remaining shares by next april, but the sha
of yahoo! and google. a new blow to barack obama's signature health-care reform after the troubled rollout of the website, announcing some americans already insured could lose the policies they have. and french football players threatened to go on strike over plans for a new super tax on the richest people in france. let's aw at this hour, star with the latest leak from former nsa contractor edward snowden. says theington post" national security agency has been hacking be data links that connect google and yahoo! around the world. laways the agency skirt the by collecting data from millions of local web users via underwater fiber-optic cables. kate moody explains. >> world leaders, foreign citizens, and internet giants, the latest victims of the national security agency's surveillance programs according to intelligence linked by edward snowden. the nsa has admitted to the program to access internet user accounts but described new reports that infiltrated yahoo! and google databases as factually incorrect. breakings not an essay into any databases. it would be illegal for us to do that. --
after healthcare.gov went down over the weekend adding fuel to the criticism and more fodder for snl. >> i have a number of friendly tips to help you deal with those problems. for example, have you tried restarting your computer. sometimes it helps to turn the computer off and turn it back on. we don't know why. it just does. >> poetic license, the literally legend maya angelou joins us this hour. children's love for books. >> good day, i'm andrea mitchell in washington. edward snowden's leaks keep coming faster than the white house can even respond. over the weekend the nsa claimed president obama had no idea angela merkel's personal cell phone was tapped back since 2002. so how credible is that denial? joining me now is chuck todd nbc's white house correspondent, political director and host of "the daily rundown." "new york times" white house correspondent mark landler who had a fascinating interview with national security adviser susan rice. that was in the sunday times. mark, first to you. this white house denial that the president even knew about the snowden leaks regarding ange
way to san francisco. >>anny: after seeing its healthcare.gov cover girl go from stock photo to laughingstock, the obama administration is considering using pictures of people who've successfully purchased insurance instead. the photo of a smiling young woman recently was removed from the problem- plagued website. but a new hampshire woman and a florida college student say the administration has sought their permission to use their photos instead. the department declined to comment specifically on whether their photos will be used on the insurance enrollment site, but said as with all websites, it is making changes that will help users better understand key information while maintaining the overall design. obamacare is getting a lot of attention. but the white house is in damage control mode on several fronts in the face of sagging poll numbers -- and a second term agenda that so far is stalled. athena jones reports. nats.and i want to especially thank all of you. it's really an excusable. >>: and it isn't just about the care that's plaguing the president. the 16 day shutdown
. >> life support as they scramble to repair healthcare.gov by the end of the month deadline. can the obama administration recover from the damage already inflicted by the rough rollout? >> whether you like the model of obama care or not, the fact that the president sold it on a basis that was not true has undermined the foundation of his second term. i think it's rotting it away. >> double down. they changed the game with political tell-all that went behind the scenes with 2008 election. mark halperin back with latest insider scoop that's already shaking up the political landscape. they will noin me to share some of the most revealing moments of the 2012 white house including fallout inside team obama after this first debate performance rocked the campaign on its heals. >> take it and go to congress, fight for it. >> that's what we've done. made some adjustments and we're putting it before -- >> you've been president four years. you've been president four years. >> good monday to you. hope you had a great weekend. i'm kristen welker in for andrea mitchell. a billion dollar presidential cam
? consult healthcare.gov's frequently asked questions for topics like "what the hell". "how have i been on the same page for three hours." >> this is "hardball," the place for politics. >>> ted cruz may end up a big winner one day in iowa. but in new hampshire he's off the pace. look at this new poll on the new hampshire republican presidential primary. the big leaders right now are rand paul and chris christie. paul's at 17%, christie behind at 16%. next coming paul ryan and jeb bush. ted cruz is well behind with just 6%. we'll be right back. [uncle]this is hopscotch,okay? uncle go one,two,one,two,one two,one. [niece]okay! [uncle]okay? [niece]one,two three,four,five,six,seven,eight! [uncle laughing] okay,we go the other way,okay? [niece]one,two,three,four,five, six,seven! [uncle laughs]there's ten spaces,you want to try again? [uncle]yeah? >>> welcome back to "hardball." in the upcoming marquee contest of 2013, the new jersey and virginia governors races, we see the conflicting problem at the root of the republican civil war. the focus is on ideological purity. he believes they need to
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. the documents show only six people were able to enroll on day one, 248 on day two, completed through healthcare.gov which has been plagued by bugs in the system. the white house has said it did anticipate a slow start. let me bring in the chair of the republican national committee, reince priebus. good morning. >> hey, good morning, chris. >> the administration points out that early enrollment in romney care got a slow start in massachusetts as well. 123 people signed up the first month, for example. do we need to just give this thing a chance? >> well, i mean it's certainly -- i think everyone agrees that the rollout has been a disaster. the waste of money put into this website is a mess and clearly people are frustrated and they can't sign up for something. >> well, i don't know if it's a waste of money. they are fixing it. >> okay. so i guess i would concede that eventually i would imagine this website is going to get fixed. so i mean i get that part. i think the bigger issues that we are going to face are, number one, the fact that hundreds of thousands of people are certainly being cancell
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million. the government plans to train more specialist doctors but mental healthcare spending is 0.01% of its budget. nongovernmental groups and psychosocial organization sometimes step in to fill the void. counseling sessions can help to ease the symptoms but survivors still find it difficult to tell their stories. >> translator: when i'm not here i feel like i'm hurting inside and my family members were killed or died under the reign of the rouge. >> reporter: tim warner has been coming here for ten years and the visits are less frequent now and not as dependent on sleeping pills but she like others who survived are still emprisoned by the past. and i'm with al jazeera. >> india's second biggest software exporter reached a settlement with the united states for alleged misuse of business visa and they set aside $35 million for the immigration violations and the largest ever of such find and it brought long-term workers in the u.s. on short-term business visas. and this is one of africa's fastest growing economics and on going violence between the army and the rebel group is worr
implementing the health care law and about healthcare.gov. also, the house intelligence nsaittee will examine surveillance programs. witnesses will include james clapper, james cole, and keith alexander. >> defense secretary chuck hagel held a news conference with the defense minister of new zealand. he was asked about nsa spying and iran's nuclear program. this is 15 minutes. >> afternoon. aftert afternoon -- good noon. jonathan coleman and i just finished a working lunch where we reinforced of the close ties between the united states and new zealand. having fought together in every major conflict of the last century, including afghanistan, our bonds are rooted in common interests but also in the history and values we share. our partnership is important. it is important to peace and prosperity in the asia-pacific and the united states remains committed to strengthening this partnership as one opponent of our rebalance to the region. we emphasized the significant progress we have made in expanding our defense cooperation since the washington declaration was signed last year. in addition to hi
to tell you about with the obama healthcare exchange. web psy crashing so oven, now there are plans to should i down for several hours each night. >>> huge demonstrations in tehran to mark 34 years since iranian hostage crisis. protesters chanting, death to america, raises new concerns about american efforts to negotiate with iran on its nuclear program. much. >>> a man charged with walking into one of america's busiest airport, opening fire, terrorizing travelers and shooting one tsa agent dead. what it means about the future of airport security in this country. it is all "happening now." jon: well, that there's a new push to hit the pause button on rollout of obamacare amid brand new troubles with the federal health care website. welcome to the monday edition of "happening now." i'm jon scott. >> hi, everybody, great to see you today. i'm jenna lee. anxiety is rising across the country as americans experience growing frustration with this dysfunctional website. now the outages are going to become a regular thing over the next few days. the obama administration announcing that the
was this last week, when the healthcare.gov website allowed you to look at the policies without signing in. >> and i know you said the policies were a lot higher. looks like you may be paying 50% more. sarah, i want to ask you, looking at the website, are you worried you may have a health care lapse, you don't have insurance when the healthcare.gov comes through? >> well, that is a very real fear of ours, but we're trying our best to keep after it and cover all of our -- you know, points and try to find something before then. >> you know, ian, the administration came out, the white house came out today and said look, it is only 5% of americans this is happening to. your thoughts? >> i -- my thoughts are that you know, the administration, the president said clearly that if you like your health care, you will be able to keep your health care. if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. if you like your hospital, you will be able to keep your hospital. in our case, that is not true. we can't keep our health care, we're not sure if we can keep our doctors, and we're not sure
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of americans are visiting healthcare.gov which is great news. unfortunately the site was only designed to handle six users at a time. >> internal memos are showing that six people only six people signed up on day one of the healthcare exchange program. >> what we learned from selected cherry picked leaks from the republican committee is that there are notes out there
to pick something from the exchange. >> and by the way, just so everyone knows, you've been on healthcare.gov. by the way-u need to talk to anzly earhart. -- >> so the california plan is okay -- or rather the exchange is okay. it doesn't work super great with my browser. but it's okay. i've been able to -- there's i think 30 plans available to me, six different providers. i've gone and looked at each one individually, checked what my -- like what it would cover, what hospitals i could go to. but there's really nothing that's the same. any way that i do this i'm either going to get way less care for the same amount of money or i'm going to have to pay more. >> what do you think -- and i hope rick ungar's paying attention in the broukd because i'm going to beat him up about your case in a moment. but in all seriousness, you're 29 years old. your husband worked hard to become a lawyer. you built a great business. you were responsible. you want your own care. you want to keep your plan. if you like it -- do you like your plan? it's not a crummy plan? >> this is what i have to say. if i wanted
into the system. if you need health care coverage, you're going to hang in there on healthcare.gov until you can get the coverage locked down. for others who may be on the fence about, do i need this, is a cheaper for me to pay the penalty, the concern is they might get frustrated and not persevere to sign up for health care coverage. host: there is an article in "the new york times" about that. >> see the rest of this discussion at www.c-span.org. going live to at the eye headquarters. president obama speaking at the installation ceremony this afternoon. james calm he was a deputy attorney general during the george w. bush administration. lex please be seated, everybody. -- >> please be seated everybody. >> good afternoon and welcome everyone. my name is sean joyce, deputy director of the at the eye. today we are truly honored to be joined by president barack obama. mr. president. [applause] mr. president, on behalf of every fbi employee, it is my crib wedge to welcome you back to fbi headquarters. [applause] >> we also have a number of other special guests here today, including former direc
launch" of healthcare.gov. the congressman just talked to cnn about what kind of documents exactly he's seeking. >> we've had contractors give us proof that, in fact, briefings were made in a timely fashion that showed, some of them had been aired. showed that, in fact, they weren't ready. they knew they weren't ready. jay carney said the president was shown this website ahead of time as though it was ready. so, figuring out who inside the organization knew but failed to communicate is important, but, more importantly, because so many other areas including the risk of private information coming out in a website that isn't ready. we really need to ask those questions and see what's internally going on. >> here is the department's response to the susubpoena. since october 10th, the committee has made five separate requests for a wide-range of documents, their timeline was not feasible given the vast scope of their request. it goes on. we are disappointed that the committee believes a subpoena was necessary, however, it does not change our intent to continue to cooperate with them to pro
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was accused of lax data security controls on a separate data hub unrelated to healthcare.gov, possibly endangering the personal information of more than six million medicare recipients by allowing workers to potentially steal information or introduce malware, using usb devices. all this goes to the concerns about the security of this whole system. you saw congressman mike rogers very fired up about this the other day. he is the former intelligence officer. so more on that to come for sure. >> a brand new report suggesting that the president may have deliberately misled people when he said that no one would be losing their coverage or doctor under obamacare, period. remember that? well new administration documents from three years ago reportedly show that officials knew all along, as many as 93 million americans could be in danger of losing their plans. fox news network's stuart varney joins us now. stuart, this is buried in what's known as the federal register which is, always been known as the document which tells average americans what their government is thinking, all rules, regulat
pilot miraculously landed his plane. everyone survived. >>> healthcare.gov is back up and running today. the obama care website was taken down for several hours last night to fix problems with the site. joining me now, republican congressman of north carolina. welcome back to the broadcast. >> hello, alex. >> sir, i know that you've been quite a vocal critic of obama care. despite the recent website issues, there's a new poll out i want to share with you. it's by the nonprofit kentucky zer family foundation, which shows nearly half of all americans still want obama care to stay the same or be expanded. in fact, only 13% want it replaced with a republican alternative. so is it time now for republican opponents to work with the president just to fix the issues with obama care instead of calling for its repeal? >> well, i think we've tried to work with the president on numerous occasions. we've offered many reforms. they've been very resistant to change anything with it as of today. i will say to you that with the estimates that have come from the congressional budget office that the cost
. now ultimately this website, healthcare.gov will be the easiest way to shop for and buy the easiest plans. you will see them next to each other and compare prices and see what kind of coverage it provides, but look, there's no denying it. right now, the website is too slow, too many people have gotten stuck and i am not happy about it. and neither are a lot of americans who need health care and they're trying to figure out how they can sign up as quickly as possible. so there's no excuse for it. and i take full responsibility for making sure it gets fixed asap. we are working overtime to improve it every day. every day. and more people are successfully buying these new plans on-line than they were a couple weeks ago and i expect more people will buy conveniently on-line every single day as we move forward. we're going to get these problems resolved. in the meantime you can still apply for coverage over the phone or by mail or in person, those plans are waiting. and you're still able to get the kind of affordable, reliable health insurance that's been out of reach for too many people
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